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24 Bit / 96 kHz 8-channel ADAT®/TDIF AD/DA Converter

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Exactly 5 years ago, the RME developer team presented themselves at the Synthax booth to the public for the very first time. On barely 1 square meter, we showed the DAM-1 and the first DIGI24. This was the beginning of a fast history of success. The team of 11 people in total (in manufacturing and distribution) has turned into two large companies with more than 60 employees - this has to be celebrated!

We have therefore taken the opportunity of our fifth music fair to prepare some special activities for the year 2002. The ADI-8 series is one of the reasons for our success. With the PRO and DS models, RME brought hi-end audio quality and features to the market for the first time at prices of a fraction of comparable products. Unfortunately, the ADI-8, especially the DS, is still too expensive for many customers. In order to bring the dream of such a converter closer, we have made a limited Anniversary Edition of the DS. Apart from the AD-converters, the ADI-8 AE is 100% equal to the ADI-8 DS. Instead of the AK5393 ADCs, the AK5383, known from our DIGI96 cards, are being used. Therefore the AE offers only 111 dBA instead of 117 dBA at the analog inputs.

Apart from this, the ADI-8 AE has all technical details, and the sound of the ADI-8 DS - (and this is the reason for you to celebrate as well) for the price of less than an ADI-8 PRO!


ADI has both a special front design and something very special on the lid - namely the signatures of all people being involved in this device. From the idea via construction, assembly of the boards and manufacturing up to the quality management: 18 employees have their hands on each of these 'manu'-factured devices, and have 'immortalized' it.

The ADI-8 AE was shipped in May / June / July, in a limited edition of 1500 pieces. Due to its popularity and high demand, RME has produced a final run of 300 units in time for the holidays, extending the existing numbers of AEs to 1800. This special Christmas edition is a fantastic value, and a wonderful addition to any audio enthusiast's collection! If you are interested in an AE, you should contact your local RME retailer soon in order to get hold of a device.

The back of the ADI-8 AE - like the interior - is the same as the latest version of the ADI-8 DS. This includes switchable word clock termination, increased distance between the TRS-jacks, and an optimized word clock PLL.

Input AD: 1/4" TRS jack and 25 pin D-type connector, servo balanced, completely symmetrical DC-coupled audio path
Output AD: ADAT optical, TDIF-1 (both 24 bit), word clock
Input DA: ADAT optical, TDIF-1 (both 24 bit), word clock
Output DA: 1/4" TRS jack and 25 pin D-type connector, servo balanced, DC-coupled audio path
SNR AD: 111 dBA
THD AD: < -110 dB (< 0.00032 %)
THD+N AD: < -104 dB (< 0.00063 %)
Crosstalk AD: > 130 dB
SNR DA: 112 dBA unmuted
THD DA: < -104 dB (< 0.00063 %)
THD+N DA: < -102 dB (< 0.0008 %)
Crosstalk DA: > 110 dB
Input/Output level at 0 dBFS @ Hi Gain: +19 dBu
Input/Output level at 0 dBFS @ +4 dBu: +13 dBu
Input/Output level at 0 dBFS @ -10 dBV: +2 dBV
Sample rates 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz, 88.2 kHz, 96 kHz, variable (Sync/Word Clock)
Frequency response AD/DA, -0.1 dB: 5 Hz - 21.5 kHz (sf 48 kHz)
Frequency response AD/DA, -0.5 dB: < 5 Hz - 44.8 kHz (sf 96 kHz)
Power supply: internal, 100 V-240 V AC
Dimensions: 483 x 44 x 200 mm
Warranty: 2 years

See your local distributor's website for current price information.

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