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Audio & Measurement Technology Music & Related Stuff Around the PC MIDI
Audio Engineering Society (AES) No explanation necessary...
Chip Directory List of all known chip manufacturers
HpW-WORKS Outstanding software for analysis and generation of up to 32 bit digital audio
NTI Neutrik Test Instruments, manufacturer of several audio measurement systems
Pinguin Audio Meter, professional level/FFT meter from stereo up to surround
Rane Audio Reference Tremendous glossary on professional audio terms
TIEPIE No pie, but very good oscilloscopes (DSO) inside the PC
VibroAkustik Müller-BBM VibroAkustik, Measuring System PAK, acoustic and vibration analysis
Backline Rental Service Everything from backline to complete tour support.
Electric Music Analog synthesizer & vintage keyboards. Spectral Audio. T-shirts. And more...
Ground loops Methods for breaking ground loop. See also...
Audio isolators Isolation transformer for audio lines solve groundloop problem
Houpert Digital Audio The Audio Cube is probably the best audio workstation available. RME is proud to be a part of it.
Logic Audio DSP Performance Logic audio performance tests and comparison charts of computer systems
MAZ Famous site for everyone making music
Shareware Music Machine Easy to browse site with lots of music and audio software
RME Reference PCs from Ticomsys, now distributed by Groove Music/SEA
Synthax Audio AG MIDI solutions, Rackware, Multifiles and - of course - RME
Bootdisk Never search for it again...
CDDA Superb CD-ROM utilities
c't - Magazin für Computertechnik There's only one...(German language)
Gibson Research Online Firewall tests (ShieldsUp!) and more
Heise News Ticker The daily source of information (German language)
USBMan USB drivers, hardware, information
VIAHardware Owners of VIA motherboards can't live without it
Wayback Machine The internet's time machine (internet archive)
WinDAC CD-ROM grabber for Windows 95/NT, SCSI and ATAPI support
Windows Commander RME's most favorite tool (since years.) File management at its best, plus lots more
World Electric Power Guide Helps laptoppers to travel around the world
Bome's SendSX Small Windows MIDI monitor, can also test SYS-EX transmission
MIDI Replicator Driver Multi-client MIDI device access, communication between MIDI applications, MIDI over network
MIDI Everything (!) about MIDI
OMS MIDI for Macs using OS8/9x
MIDI-OX MIDI-OX, MIDI Yoke and other MIDI tools

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