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The official RME forum puts you in contact with many other RME users from all around the world. Often you will find this a source for quick help, but it's also fun just to share experience with others.

In the beginning of 2000 a RME newsgroup existed but its services were terminated together with the server where it was hosted. In the meantime, it proved to be very difficult to offer a non web-based forum. While all the world started to use internet forums (web boards) we still think these are too slow, too confusing and poor in both readability and thread handling. Thanks to our friends at
Alcatech (you may have heard from BPM-Studio, the world's best DJ software), we are now again able to provide you with a RME newsgroup.We hope the RME forum will be a valuable source of help and information.

  • News server:  news.x-networks.de
  • Forum:  rme-audio.forum
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Please note: As this is a world wide forum, the preferred language is English.

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