Software and Hardware for Digital Audio Analysis


When RME first presented the DAM-1 in September 1996 it was the only device of its kind. It is still today! The Digital Audio Monitor was a combination of DSP-based hardware and Windows software, which allows to visualize and examine digital audio data in a user friendly way. Meanwhile the DAM-1 is widely used by many satisfied users, among them HiFi-fans, recording studios, repair centers and broadcast.

Then came the ADI-96 PRO, a DSP-based 24 bit/96 kHz Hi-End AD-converter. The included Windows software 'Audio Analyser' offers a 10/15/20/30 band Analyser operation. Its super low noise Mic and Line input with 45 kHz bandwidth and 115 dBA real dynamic ratio allow a directly measurement of analog signals. As all calculations are done on the devices DSP the system load under Windows is very low.

With the digital audio card series DIGI96, the world's only audio card that is able to transfer the complete digital input datastream to the recording software, DIGICheck was born. This unique tool, free for all DIGI96 series purchasers, included some analyzing functions of the DAM-1.

But the DAM-1 has been more than just 'a' product - it was the foundation-stone of RME, our first and most important product. This might explain why we still enjoy 'analysing' in every possible way so much. Because of the exploding computer power more and more functions were implemented natively into the software, completely without an external DSP - and DIGICheck evolved into a worldwide unique, unsurpassed analysis tool, free for all owners of a RME card or system!

Totalyser 30-band Spectral Analyser, Goniometer and Level Meter
DIGICheck Software Audio Analyser, free to all RME audio card users
ADI-96 PRO Professional Analog Audio Analysis System with DSP, direct Mic/Line input
DAM-1 (Discontinued)  Level and Error Analyzer, Format Converter

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