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09/23/2019 Firmware updates for ADI-2 Pro and DAC   

09/13/2019 macOS USB driver 3.18 available   

08/21/2019 TotalMix Remote 1.12 released   

08/03/2019 macOS 10.15 (Catalina) Preview beta drivers available   

07/02/2019 M-32 Pro series firmware update 1.2.2 available   

07/01/2019 macOS HDSPe series driver 4.13 released   

06/27/2019 Windows USB driver 1.168 available   

06/27/2019 Windows PCIe driver 2.14 for HDSPe MADI FX and MADIface XT   

06/27/2019 Windows Thunderbolt driver for UFX+ updated (v1.16)   

06/26/2019 Windows MADInet driver updated   

06/26/2019 Win/Mac firmware updates for Digiface Dante and AVB   

06/25/2019 Windows HDSPe series driver updated (v4.29)   

06/25/2019 Windows USB driver for MADIface series, v 0.9685   

Driver Updates DIGI96 Series

List of current and older driver updates

Windows 2000/XP Driver

Version 2.11: Bluescreen fixed on power-down of certain computers (W2k SP4 Dual CPU). (06/2005)

Version 2.10: Support for sleep and resume mode. In AutoSync mode, a request for a different sample rate than the input one (caused a change to Master mode) is no longer supported. The systray menu of the settings program did not vanish after a right mouse click. (03/2004)

Version 2.04: New: Support for DVD multichannel playback 4/6/8 channels (16 bit/48 kHz). (02/2003)

Version 2.02: Metronome style clicks on right channel after boot. Output mode Input wasn't re-activated after use of ASIO or GSIF. (06/02)

Version 2.01: Under certain conditions no sound with BPM Studio kernel driver. Under certain conditions no sound at analog output (muted.) Force ADAT wasn't activated upon boot. (05/02)

Version 2.0: GSIF added. BPM Kernel driver added. Multiclient operation ASIO/MME, GSIF/MME, ASIO/GSIF, MME/ASIO/GSIF. MME wave devices defined as under Win 9x. Option Force ADAT. Option A/S Conv. Performance in MME playback operation much improved. MTRR re-activated. Dynamic load according to the number of activated ASIO inputs. Lowest MME latency reduced from 23 ms to 6 ms. Settings dialog improved. Real-time control of all functions improved. 32 bit mono operation fixed. No alternative ASIO dll anymore (audiomidifix) - this one is now standard. Tab ASIO (now Mode) displayed only when DIGI96 series card is present. Monitoring control improved. Bugfix: Samplerate of the analog input wasn't set correctly under ASIO. (05/02)

Version 1.36: MME record devices did not operate correctly after ASIO operation. (04/01)

Version 1.35: SPDIF Out can be used with DVD software player. Analog output will be muted in AC-3/DTS operation. Automatic sample rate change for AEBx-I when starting record. ZLM bug fixed (did not work when no playback device was active.) (03/01)

Version 1.31 includes alternate ASIO drivers for the VIA chipset 694. ADM routing improved, in case some inputs were de-activated. (11/00)

Version 1.3: includes new routines which result in nearly jitter-free audio/MIDI timing under ASIO. Bugfix ASIO DIGI96 series: Clock mode was set to master. (10/00)

Version 1.1: Settings dialog completely re-written, new wave device names and numbering, performance improved on critical systems, installation problem when 'P&P OS = Yes' solved. Settings dialog for PST, volume slider removed for old PRO, ADAT format extended to Input Internal (AEBx-I operation.) Improved ASIO multithread compatibility. (09/00)

Version 1.0: Initial release. Support for all cards of the DIGI32, DIGI96 and Hammerfall series, MME and ASIO, Plug and Play WDM technology. (08/00)


Windows 98/SE/ME Driver

Version 4.96a: Dummy playback routine added. (10/2001)

Version 4.96: SPDIF Out can be used with DVD software player. Analog output will be muted in AC-3/DTS operation. Automatic sample rate change for AEBx-I when starting record. (03/01)

Version 4.95: ADM routing improved, in case some inputs were de-activated. (11/00)

Version 4.94: Mixed Mode GSIF and ASIO did not work in 16 bit resolution. (08/00)

Version 4.93: Unsupported mixed modes ASIO/GSIF disabled (06/00)

Version 4.92: DirectSound multi-device operation: start/stop in DS and DS/ASIO/MME/GSIF mixed mode improved. ASIO Settings dialog: latency table added. Gigasampler interface (GSIF) 2/8-Channel 24 bit/96 kHz implemented (06/00)

Version 4.90: Numbering in multi-card operation corrected, full USB compatibility (no stuttering anymore when sharing USB interrupt), improved internal ASIO callbacks, dialog when exiting the TrayTool, multi-device operation for DirectSound, simultaneous operation DirectSound/MME on different stereo devices, settings dialog cleanup. ASIO driver 4.91 (04/00)

Version 4.82 enhances the interleave support: monitoring for all 8 channels and ZLM added. Volume faders removed for old PRO, which does not support this feature. ASIO driver 2.52 (01/00)

Version 4.80 fixes a bug with PRO and PAD (loss of volume settings when changing from normal to double speed), and includes the updated ASIO driver 2.5 (new name scheme.) (01/00)

Version 4.70 includes some changes in DirectSound (DS part no longer compatible to Windows 95, DirectSound de-activated by default.) (12/99)

Version 4.60 no longer shows an XLR input in the DIGI96/8 settings dialog. ASIO driver 2.4. (10/99)

Version 4.50 includes volume sliders for the new DIGI96/8 PRO revision (blue PCB.) ASIO driver 2.3. (9/99)

Version 4.40 includes several little bugfixes and an improved ASIO and DirectSound handling. ASIO driver 2.2. (7/99)

Version 4.30 adds hearing-linear volume sliders for the PAD. Redundant resets removed. ASIO driver version 2.1. (6/99)

Version 4.20 includes a bugfix for DIGI96 (Professional button didn't work), improved registry entries and ASIO 2.0 support (ASIO Direct Monitoring.) (6/99)

Version 4.10 includes a bugfix for Pentium II computers (SyncAlign did not work as expected.) 8-Channel interleave mode disabled when SPDIF is fed. Error in inf file fixed. (5/99)

Version 4.0 has all driver files renumbered to the same version. Bugfix: crash in 24 bit mono mode fixed, sample position in Interleave mode fixed. New: support for DIGI96/8 PAD, enhanced monitoring behavior in Full Duplex mode, new switch A/S Converter. Changing the latency in ASIO no longer requires to reboot driver or program (ASIO version 1.80.) (4/99)

Version 2.8 fixes a bug in the settings dialog when using several identical cards: wrong numbers were displayed. (2/99)

Version 2.7 comes with an enhanced monitoring behavior. When in record mode the card will always be in monitoring mode, even when starting and stopping a playback (Full Duplex.) In earlier versions monitoring wasn't re-activated when stopping playback. This was also true when using 'Input' mode plus record. ASIO version 1,0,0,7. (1/99)

Version 2.6 fixes an incompatibility between Direct Sound and Windows 95 (driver did not load.) Bugfix change of sample rate in Direct Sound playback. New: Uninstall of autostart entry and link on the desktop using control panel/software. ASIO version 1,0,0,6. (1/99)

Version 2.5 fixes only a small bug (card's names on the sheet tabs in multicard usage were wrong), but brings a totally rewritten ASIO driver (1,0,0,5.) (1/99)

Version 2.1 adds DirectX support in 2-Channel playback mode. Bugfix reset function with small buffers (crash in Rebirth.) (12/98)

Version 2.0 includes a new settings dialog, available from an icon in the systray, a link on the desktop and a shortcut. (12/98)

Initial Release Version 1.0 includes all routines and features of the DIGI32 Series (see Tech Info driver updates of DIGI32 series.) But this driver is one for all cards (96, 96/8, 96/8 PRO.) Version 1.0 includes an ASIO driver (version 1,0,0,2) for 8-Channel usage with 96/8 and 96/8 PRO. (10/98)


Windows NT Driver

Version 3.86: ZLM bug fixed (did not work when no playback device was active.) (07/2001)

Version 3.85: No changes for DIGI96 series. (11/00)

Version 3.84: Settings dialog completely re-written, new wave device names and numbering, performance improved on critical systems. Settings dialog for PST, volume slider removed for old PRO, ADAT format extended to Input Internal (AEBx-I operation.) Improved ASIO multithread compatibility. (09/00)

Version 3.83 includes a bugfix for the DIGI32 series. All notes on Windows 2000 removed from readme.txt (separate driver.) (8/00)

Version 3.82 completes the monitoring behavior under MME, sets 'Coaxial' as default (Hammerfall), and allows MME operation when ASIO is deactivated in the background. (4/00)

Version 3.81: Only one installation routine (archive) installing driver, ASIO and DIGITray. Automatic installation of all cards present in the system without the need to press 'Apply'. The Apply button works as usual under Windows. Initialization of all cards. Dialogs clean up. Exit dialog added to right mouse click on DIGITray. Default settings corrected for all cards. Analog output of the PRO/PAD operational directly after boot up. (3/00)

Version 3.80: Completely revised drivers with MME, ASIO and DIGITray Tool. (3/00)

Version 3.72: Bugfix Dual Processor operation using ASIO and Win2K (interrupt routines changed.) Bugfix DIGI32 series (wasn't recognized anymore.) (12/99)

Version 3.70: SyncAlign now operational between playback and record, monitoring totally re-written, MTRR acceleration improved, bugfix NT DirectSound (analog output of PRO and PAD were muted by DS.) (11/99)

Version 3.66: bugfix multiple card operation under Windows 2000. (10/99)

Version 3.65 is a maintenance release with internal changes only valid for our NDA partners.(9/99)

Version 3.64 includes support for Project Hammerfall, but no MME device. Operation is restricted to ASIO. Adds volume sliders for the new DIGI96/8 PRO revision (blue PCB.) (8/99)

Version 3.58 solves problems at the analog input of the PAD: format switching fixed, stereo devices and 8-Channel interleave disabled, redundant resets removed. (7/99)

Version 3.55 completes the PAD support (timer routines Analog modified) and adds a button to de-activate SyncAlign. Bugfix Pentium optimization, bugfix doubles speed reset DA. (6/99)

Version 3.51 includes enhanced internal routines (state per device), improved Full Duplex behavior (erase routines rewritten), support for DIGI96/8 PAD, support for ASIO, CheckInput for ADAT. (4/99)

Version 3.35 includes ZLM (Zero Latency Monitoring) and an improved behavior at load/reload of the driver (storing settings/formats.) (3/99)

Version 3.33 finally supports all capabilities of the DIGI96 hardware: Mixed Mode, Enhanced Full Duplex, mono, word clock. (2/99)

Version 3.30 fixes small bugs when setting the default format and in the status displays. (1/99)

Version 3.29 fixes a bug in Full Duplex mode (format was not set correctly.) (1/99)

Version 3.28 brings the same design as the Windows 95/98 driver: Track, Output Level, Input/Output Status, Clock Mode. (1/99)

Version 3.27 includes some bugfixes (AutoSync, sr display, capability entries), but no new functions. (12/98)

Initial Release Version 3.24 is an improved version of the DIGI32 driver with additional Enhanced Full Duplex support. (12/98)


Mac OS X Driver

Version 1.4: Re-written Settings dialog: is now installed during driver installation into the folder 'Applications', is started automatically and stays in the dock when exited. Fix: stutter and click effects solved. (03/2005)

Version 1.3: Settings dialogs improved: un-neccessary hard drive access removed. Added card number in multidevice operation to device and each stream name. Added support for power management (resume/sleep). Added workaround for crash on wakeup from sleep on dual G4 Macs. The system profiler no longer claims the driver to be incompatible and not loaded. (02/2004)

Version 1.2: Additional internal synchronisation routines prevent continued buffer offsets (stutter/distortion) caused by wrong clock/wrong sync. (02/2003)

Version 1.1: Higher compatibility through increased offset. (01/2003)

Version 1.0: Initial release, complete functionality. (01/2003)


Mac OS 9.x Driver

Version 1.6: Bug fixed where too many extensions in the system prevented the driver from being loaded. Latency table added to settings dialog. (07/2001)

Version 1.5: ADM routing improved, in case some inputs were de-activated. (11/00)

Version 1.4: Crash with SonicWorx fixed. (08/00)

Version 1.3: Problem with USB Floppy Enabler fixed. (07/00)

Version 1.2: Slot recognition no longer hard coded. Settings are no longer stored in NVRAM but in a preferences file. SM can no longer be used to select an input. SM playback is now only one file (Sound Component) for all cards. Several improvements in SM handling (automatic setting of sample rate, level display for record, system sounds.) 'Alt. ASIO mode' added for Logic. Input mode no longer disabled after playback. Output Status display fixed. Several problems in the Settings dialog's internal structure fixed (crash when changing to another tab, wrong settings transferred etc.) Wrong playback speed in SM after ASIO operation fixed. (06/00)

Version 1.0: Initial release of a totally re-written Sound Manager and ASIO 2.0 driver (that's why the version number starts again with 1.0.) (05/00)


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