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Basic Remote Control (BRC)
  • Monitoring Remote Controller for
  • Fireface UFX & ADI-8 QS
RME Remote Control
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RME Remote Control

Remote Control


The Basic Remote Control (BRC) comes with the ADI-8 QS. It also works with the Fireface 802, UFX, UCX and the MADIface XT.

The BRC provides a solid metal case with a main encoder dial, two push buttons and a 5 m (16 ft.) cable. The BRC connects to a special port on the back of the main unit.

Supported features

The Basic Remote Control offers several functions to control the most important monitoring functions:

- “Prog” button can be assigned to 17 different functions with 42 variants. Among them are Talkback, Speaker B, Mono, Mute, External Input, Cue, recall of a mixer snapshot and many more.
- DIM to a user adjustable value, by a push on the encoder
- Recall and store of a reference level for the main outputs, via the Recall button
- Volume control of the monitoring outputs. The controlled output is assigned in TotalMix FX, either Main or one of up to 4 Phones outputs are selectable.

Supported features with ADI-8 QS converter

The Basic Remote Control replaces the old RME Remote Control for the ADI-8 QS. It controls the following functions of the ADI-8 QS: volume, store, recall.