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  • D-sub <> XLR Breakout Panel
  • for AES/EBU
Produkte: DTOX-32
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The DTOX-32 breakout panel is the ideal extension for digital multichannel interfaces.
It includes two sets of D-sub to 4 x XLR male and 4 x XLR female each, replacing common breakout cables D-sub to XLR by a professional, solid, stable rack-mounted system. DTOX-32 is pin-compatible to TASCAM (=RME) and Yamaha formats.

Rack Mount
The DTOX-32 (also DTOX-16) has removable rack-mount-brackets and can be mounted in front or back position.

Changing the Pinout at the D-sub 25 Connectors
There are two selectable pinout standards for the 25-pin D-sub connectors of the DTOX-32: the TASCAM-compatible one and the YAMAHA-compatible format. If not ordered specifically, the DTOX-32 is set to the factoy default TASCAM (RME). The respective format is changed by an internal connector inside panel. To change the format requires opening the housing with a medium size cross recessed screwdriver (PH-2 size). -> see Quick Start Guide


Tech Specs

8 x XLR Output

8 x XLR Input

2 x D-sub 25-pin connectors

supports RME (=Tascam) and Yamaha-Formats (Pinout internal switchable)

19" Rack



Cables for DTOX-32