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Products .USB & FireWire

USB & FireWire Interfaces - Made by RME: Optimal Hardware adaption, a unique low-latency-concept and a high grade of performance and compatibility. It´s no surprise customers and testers respect RME Fireface interfaces as the reference for USB and FireWire audio, with first class sound, minimal latencies, stability and as first choice for mobile recording.

The secret of success: RME is the only manufacturer not to use a third party USB or FireWire audio technology, but an own, self-developed Audio Core with an outstanding performance and uncompromising pro audio features. We´ve revolutioned and combined the technic with the unique RME features. TotalMix, ultra-low latencies down to one millisecond, including on-the-fly latency changes, support of multiple devices, samplerates up to 192 kHz and much more.