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Last Update: 09.25.2019

Hot News

09/23/2019 Firmware updates for ADI-2 Pro and DAC   

09/13/2019 macOS USB driver 3.18 available   

08/21/2019 TotalMix Remote 1.12 released   

08/03/2019 macOS 10.15 (Catalina) Preview beta drivers available   

07/02/2019 M-32 Pro series firmware update 1.2.2 available   

07/01/2019 macOS HDSPe series driver 4.13 released   

06/27/2019 Windows USB driver 1.168 available   

06/27/2019 Windows PCIe driver 2.14 for HDSPe MADI FX and MADIface XT   

06/27/2019 Windows Thunderbolt driver for UFX+ updated (v1.16)   

06/26/2019 Windows MADInet driver updated   

06/26/2019 Win/Mac firmware updates for Digiface Dante and AVB   

06/25/2019 Windows HDSPe series driver updated (v4.29)   

06/25/2019 Windows USB driver for MADIface series, v 0.9685   

Hammerfall DSP(e) series WDM driver 32/64 Bit

List of current and older driver updates

Windows XP / Vista / 7 Driver

Update 3.083, 02/19/2010

- HDSP MADI Settings dialog: TCO removed

- About Dialog: Vista MMCSS option removed

- WDM: SPDIF AC-3 is only supported on SPDIF devices

- WDM: MADIface had no Loudspeaker device

- WDM: Analog DVD multi-channel playback via Loudspeaker device (change loudspeaker configuration to 5.1 or 7.1)

- ADAT Sync (HDSP9652, Multiface, Digiface): APP did not work correctly since Cubendo 4

Update 3.082, 10/20/2009

- Support for Flash Tool 2.19

Update 3.081, 08/12/2009

- Since 3.079 the buffer size was not stored on some systems

Update 3.080, 05/28/2009

- Since 3.079 multi-client ASIO did not work correctly when using multiple cards

Update 3.079, 05/14/2009

- Settings dialog: Added password protected storage of the current settings for the next reboot

- Settings and TM: Experimental extension for operation of up to 6 cards. Selection in TM by left mouse click with held shift key.

- Incompatibility of the driver to cards with PLX (PCIe to PCI) bridge fixed

- Reliable stop of an ASIO thread even in difficult situations

- Process management of multiclient ASIO did not work as expected on some computers

- TotalMix: New skin and new icons

- Settings dialog: new icons

Update 3.077, 03/27/2009

- TM: Scrolling limited to fader section, Quickpanels are fixed to the right

- TM: Missing refresh when I/O labels change added

Update 3.076, 03/16/2009

- TM: AIO only: Small display error in mixer view with AI added

- TM: Grid in Matrix fixed for several cards

- TM: Over LED position fixed

- WDM: Change for Adobe Audition's DirectSound ASIO wrapper (8 channel input device removed)

Update 3.075, 02/25/2009

- RayDAT only: Changing the number of WDM devices disabled ASIO channels as well

Update 3.074, 02/17/2009

- ASIO: Latency information of AES and AES-32 changed (Firmware 7/234)

- ASIO APP: Improved behaviour with stopped Timecode

- ASIO APP: Missing run flag caused Nuendo 4 transport to stop responding

- TotalMix: Bugfix Faderfox submix selection in third row

- TotalMix: Several changes for the HDSPe AIO (channel order, presets and naming, Firmware 9)

- TotalMix: MS Processing added to menu Options for the whole HDSPe series

Update 3.073, 10/28/2008

- APP: Loss of LTC caused the cursor to jump to the beginning

- New firmware ID 154 of the HDSP 9632 added to the inf-file

Update 3.072, 10/08/2008

- BSOD when shutting down the computer fixed

- BSOD on ASIOStop fixed

Update 3.071, 09/08/2008

- TotalMix: Name popups above the Preset buttons were deactivated

- Settings dialog: The button 'Sync In' did not work for the RayDAT and AIO

Update 3.069, 08/26/2008

- Settings dialog: Several small text changes.

- Settings dialog DDS: When DDS had been switched on but was not active (AutoSync mode) some cards did not allow to use double or quad of the currently incoming sample frequency (necessary for example in SMUX operation).

- TotalMix: Added support for Faderfox TM1 remote control.

- TotalMix: Mackie Control F16 now activates Post mode

- Fixed factory presets HDSPe MADI and MADIface to have -12 dB for submix on channels 63/64.

Update 3.068, 08/07/2008

- HDSPe PCI (Multiface/Digiface) now supports the TCO. This requires firmware 14.*

- TotalMix: OVER LED moved by one pixel.

- TotalMix: The folder for custom bitmaps must now have the name bmp_hdsp (before bmp). This change allows to have different custom bitmaps for the Fireface mixer (bmp) and the HDSP mixer (bmp_hdsp).

- WDM: The Settings dialog of HDSP 9652 and Digiface allows to limit the number of WDM devices. The entered number is checked for validity.

- Vista: MMCSS can be enabled in the Settings / About dialog (not recommended)

*Note: This version supports ASIO timecode (APP) only, converting LTC to MTC is not supported. Please note that the hardware design requires to use an additional word clock cable in the folling case:
Generating an audio clock out of the incoming timecode requires a BNC cable from the TCO's word clock output to the word clock input of the Multiface/Digiface. In the Settings dialog Pref. Sync Ref has to be set to TCO and Clock Mode must be set to AutoSync. If the incoming timecocde is not used to clock the HDSP system the BNC cable is not needed.

Update 3.067, 08/07/2008

- Completely new memory routines to prevent BSODs

Update 3.066, 08/06/2008

- WDM: Speaker setup defines 6 or 8 channel playback

- Support for DirectMusic MIDI added

Update 3.065, 07/01/2008

- Bugfix RayDAT / AIO: ASIO sample rate could not be changed in Master mode.

Update 3.064, 06/22/2008

- The latest firmware update caused the PCI Express interface to no longer detect the RPM reliably. However, the fix comes as driver update.

Update 3.063, 06/15/2008

- WDM: Pitch shift problem fixed with external clocking and AES-32

- 'Surprise Removal' of the CardBus or ExpressCard does not cause BSOD anymore

- Supports HDSPe AIO

- TCO Out functions added

Bugs fixed that were introduced in version 3.061:

- TM crashes with more than one card

- ADM not working

Update 3.059, 04/14/2008

- TCO and Limit WDM Device support for HDSPe RayDAT

- WDM: Pitch shift problem fixed with external clocking

Update 3.058, 03/28/2008

- Supports HDSPe RayDAT, MADIface und AES

- WDM: 8-channel playback did not work correctly

- WDM: Pitch shift problem fixed in multiclient operation

- Web links in the update dialog corrected

Note: from this driver version on the firmware version will be displayed as before version 3.057. With active Safety BIOS an older firmware version is displayed.

Update 3.057, 02/29/2008

- TotalMix: Support for custom bitmaps. More information can be found in the RME forum.

- TotalMix: 1 pixel offset removed on bus menu background

- TotalMix: New option 'Level Meter Text Color'

- TotalMix: New option 'Ignore I/O Labels'

- HDSPe MADI: Support of the internal Sync connector added (requires firmware version 18)

Update 3.056, 11/30/2007

- HDSPe MADI with TCO: displayed frequency had been wrong since quickfix 3.054.

- OEM only: ADM control for third row implemented. Frequency can be set in steps of 1/1000 Hz now.

- HDSP(e) MADI and AES-32 had problems with 64 bit Windows and more than 3 GB memory.

- The internal clock of the HDSPe MADI had been too low (about 280 ppm, in Master clock mode only).

- ASIO Vista: driver sets the 'ThreadCharacteristics' to 'Pro Audio'.

Update 3.053, 09/21/2007

- TCO initialization on first usage fixed (frame rate)

- Vista: All WDM record devices are now operational (before only the first channels worked)

Update 3.052, 08/27/2007

- Inf-file updated for newest firmware 17/55. This one fixes a 1 sample click problem at start/stop with Multiface, Digiface and RPM. No changes in the driver.

Update 3.051, 08/01/2007


- GSIF 64 bit support added (GSIF 2.1)

- Identical version numbers in all files. Language changed to 'neutral'.


- In Quad Speed mode the number of channels did not decrease to 16

- Latencies in all modes re-measured and added as driver info

Firmware 12 for HDSPe MADI:

- Record channel 64 fixed

- Playback channel 32 in 96k Frame mode with internal loopback fixed

Update 3.05, 06/28/2007

- HDSPe MADI: 192 kHz added

- HDSPe MADI: New Settings dialog with new option 'Word Clock Out Single Speed'

- ASIO: Behaviour on ASIOStop fixed

- Signatures of the exe-files removed

Update 3.041, 06/15/2007

- Several new features for the HDSPe MADI added

Update 3.04, 06/04/2007

- Bug fix: After crash of ASIO there was no full recovery

Update 3.03, 06/01/2007

- TCO: 1 buffer offset under certain conditions fixed

- Full support of the HDSPe MADI

- TCO support for the HDSPe MADI

- Multiface: DVD SPDIF AC-3 playback used ADAT 7/8

- SPDIF AC-3 playback for Vista added

- TotalMix: Graphic refresh added for muted areas of the Matrix

Update 3.021, 04/27/2007

- RPM control fixed

Update 3.02, 03/21/2007

- ASIO driver crashed when using CardBus/PCI card without connected box

- Signatures added to the exe-files

Update 3.02, 03/12/2007

- The changed order (ADAT set to be the last channels) was not reflected on the new TotalMix fader MIDI Control Change commands. Fixed.

- ADAT Sync (APP) did not work with the HDSP 9652

- Link in the About dialog of the Settings dialog now points to the correct FUT

Update 3.01, 03/01/2007

- All TotalMix faders can now be controlled by MIDI Control Change commands. The driver archive includes detailed information.

- When using multiple HDSP systems including one PCI card without connected I/O box ASIO wasn't usable

- The internal signalling for the ASIO error detection in Samplitude has been disabled again. It caused wrong indications and doesn't work anymore anyway, due to the new driver concept. Note that Sam now automatically uses its own method to detect ASIO errors.

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