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Hi-Performance 2-channel AD/DA-Converter

Please note that the ADI-1 is discontinued!

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The ADI-1 is a compact, 2-channel analog to digital and digital to analog converter using half the space of a 19" rack. AD- and DA-circuit can be used completely independently. The latest 20 bit converters with 128 times oversampling result in more than 100 dB dynamic range. A perfect board layout makes this value no theoretical maximum but a reality in every ADI-1.

Professional features and optimal sound quality turn the space saving ADI-1 into a flexible and universal all-in-one solution. From 'Phantom of the Opera' through Radio to the homerecording studio, an application for the ADI-1 can be found virtually anywhere.

Compare for yourself: The ADI-1 offers maximum performance for the lowest price!

  • 2-channel AD-converter with servo balanced inputs 1/4 " TRS / XLR
  • Level adjustment through level switch +4/-10 and pot with 20 dB gain
  • 2-channel DA-converter with servo balanced outputs 1/4 " TRS / XLR
  • S/PDIF I/O cinch (RCA) and optical (TOSLINK)
  • Low Jitter and Low Noise design for optimized sound quality
  • External power supply: No hum, no ground loops
  • More than 100 dB SNR (Signal to Noise), real world value

The clear structured front panel is easy to understand. The level meters are controlled by the digital audio signal. This results in a hi-precision LED meter with reliable Over detection. We used the experience in meter technology from our DAM-1 to give you total accuracy even with this cost effective device. The AD-converter can use 32, 44,1 or 48 kHz as sample rate, and the DA-converter accepts every frequency between 20 kHz and 55 kHz at its input. An error LED shows the status of the currently attached signal.

One of the main issues in using an AD-converter with its full dynamic range is the use of the best operating level. Because of this RME's ADI-1 is fitted with a level switch, maintaining perfect adaptation to the most used levels -10 dBV and +4 dBu. An additional super low noise amplifier stage provides 20 dB of adjustable gain using two hi-precision pots on the front panel.

The servo balanced inputs use Neutrik's well known combi jack (XLR / 1/4" TRS jack.) The servo balanced outputs are fitted with both XLR and 1/4" TRS jacks separately (the combi jack is available only as female input jack.) The digital inputs and outputs are both in SPDIF format and use cinch (RCA) and optical (TOSLINK) connectors. The digital input is compatible to AES/EBU.

The ADI-1 is not only the ideal partner for the DIGI96 series digital audio cards, but also an ideal replacement, supplement or addition for any digital device, from sampler to DAT. The integrated Dither On Chip achieves a significantly improved sound quality compared to usual 16 and 18 bit converters, at full compatibility to the 16 bit standard.

Input AD: XLR / 1/4" TRS jack, both servo balanced
Output AD: cinch, optical (SPDIF)
Input DA: cinch, optical (SPDIF, AES/EBU requires cable adapter)
Output DA: XLR / 1/4" TRS jack, both servo balanced
SNR AD: 102 dBA
SNR DA: 108 dBA
THD+N AD: -89 dB / 0,003 %
THD+N DA: -88 dB / 0,003 %
Max. input level AD: +20 dBu
Max. output level DA: +10 dBu
Frequency response AD/DA, -0,1 dB: 20 Hz - 20 kHz
Power supply: external AC adapter, 12 V AC, 850 mA
Dimensions: 214 x 44 x 105 mm
Warranty: 2 years

For detailed technical data, measurements and background information, read our TECH Infopaper ADI-1 Inside!

See your local distributor's website for current price information.

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