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 Digital Audio for UNIX® using the DIGI32 and DIGI96 Series

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OSS/Linux Open Sound System
  • Improved Digi96 sound card drivers - enabled 8bit playback support.


    OSS provides device drivers for PCI soundcards under HP's HPUX 10.20. OSS comes with a user-friendly configuration tool that makes adding and configuring sound cards into HPUX a snap. OSS/HPUX complies with the Open Sound System API.
  • Support for the RME Digi32 (AKA SEK'D Prodif32/Gold/96) family.


    These cards are digital only ones (S/PDIF, AES/EBU) so they are not suitable for 'consumer' use. However these cards are ideal when high quality sound is required (external A/D or D/A converter box or a DAT recorder is required.)
  • Updated OSS 3.9.3o version released
  • Support for Linux 2.4.0-test6
This OSS version includes a fully functional driver for RME's DIGI32 family of digital in/out cards, and a beta driver for the DIGI96 series cards. A 7 day demo can be downloaded at

More information on the OSS Open Sound System is available at
or more specific when using CPUs in x86 technology at

Open Sound System (OSS) is the first attempt in unifying the digital audio architecture for UNIX. OSS is a set of device drivers that provide a uniform API across all the major UNIX architectures. It supports Sound Blaster or Windows Sound System compatible sound cards which can be plugged into any UNIX workstation supporting the ISA or PCI bus architecture. OSS also supports workstations with on-board digital audio hardware.

Traditionally, each UNIX vendor has provided their own API for processing digital audio. This meant that applications written to a particular UNIX audio API had to be re-written or ported, with possible loss of functionality, to another version of UNIX. Applications written to the OSS API, need to be designed once and then simply re-compiled on any supported UNIX architecture. OSS is source code compatible across all the platforms.

Most UNIX workstations, thus far, have only provided support for digital audio sampling and playback (business audio.) OSS brings the world of MIDI and electronic music to the workstation environment. With the advent of streaming audio, speech recognition/generation, computer telephony, Java and other multimedia technologies, applications on UNIX can now provide the same audio capabilities as those found on Windows NT, OS/2, Windows 95 and the Macintosh operating systems. OSS also provides synchronized audio capabilities required for desktop video and animation playback.

*Open Sound System is a product of 4Front Technologies. RME would like to thank 4Front for the trust in our products and the possibility to give Linux and Unix users a really professional audio hardware.

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