The Expansion Boards transmute RME's digital cards of the DIGI96 series, Hammerfall series and the HDSP 9652 into the most flexible audio cards available.

The AEBs (Analog Expansion Board) offer 4 or 8 analog inputs or outputs as cost-efficient addition for all ADAT-capable cards of the DIGI96 and Hammerfall series (see below). Best of all: pure RME quality, i.e. 107 dBA Signal to Noise ratio, level adjustment +4/-10 dBu and servo balanced inputs and outputs (AEB4). Combine the reliability, outstanding performance and unsurpassed compatibility of RME card's drivers and hardware with analog I/Os!

The TEB (TDIF Expansion Board) adds a TDIF port to RME cards. Using the Hammerfall and HDSP 9652, up to two TDIF ports, one ADAT port and one SPDIF (AES/EBU) port are available simultaneously!

The Word Clock Module WCM adds a word clock input and output in professional quality to the DIGI96 series. A 96 kHz capable PLL circuit, an integrated clock generator and a unique test mode extend the powerful capabilities of our digital audio cards.

AEB4-I / AEB8-I 4/8 analog inputs with 24 bit AD-converters for all RME Cards
AEB4-O / AEB8-O 4/8 analog outputs with 24 bit DA-converters for all RME Cards
TEB TDIF interface
WCM Word Clock Module I/O for the DIGI96 Series


HDSP 9652

Two AEBx-I and two AEBx-O or two TEB can be connected and operated simultaneously, in all possible combinations. One TEB can be used together with either one AEBx-I or AEBx-O.

DIGI96 Series

AEBs use the internal ADAT interface of the DIGI cards. Therefore they do not work with the DIGI96 (which did not support ADAT.) To operate the AEB4-I and AEB8-I the used DIGIs must have the connectors ST6/7 on board (for the Word Clock Module.) These were not present on the very first cards of the DIGI96 series (1998 to beginning of 1999.)

One AEBx-I and one AEBx-O can be connected and operated simultaneously, in all possible combinations. Or one TEB.


Multiface and Digiface use the Hammerfall DSP PCI card. This card has no internal inputs or outputs. Therefore no Expansion Boards can be used.

Hammerfall Series

An operation with the Hammerfall or Hammerfall Light requires board revision 1.5 or higher, because the internal connectors ADAT1Out, ADAT2Out and ST7 were not implemented in earlier versions.

One AEBx-I and two AEBx-O can be connected and operated simultaneously, in all possible combinations. Or one TEB and one AEBx-O.

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