The digital audio cards of the DIGI96 series include 96 kHz/24 bit support, 128 kB fast SRAM, many other unsurpassed features plus a unique driver support.

RME's DIGI cards are famous all over the world for their reliability, tremendous performance, high compatibility and the user friendly design of hardware and drivers.

DIGI96/8   (Discontinued) 2/8-channel SPDIF/ADAT digital I/O card cinch/optical
DIGI96/8 PST (Discontinued)  2/8-channel SPDIF/ADAT-card, 24 bit/96 kHz analog input/output
DIGI96/8 PAD 2/8-channel SPDIF-AES/EBU-ADAT-card, 24 bit/96 kHz analog input/output
DIGI96 (Discontinued)  2-channel SPDIF digital I/O card cinch/optical.
DIGI96/8 PRO (Discontinued)  2/8-channel SPDIF-AES/EBU-ADAT-card, 24 bit/96 kHz analog output
WCM MKII Word Clock Module for DIGI96/8 PRO/PAD
EXB Expansion Boards for DIGI96 series
MacOS DIGI96 series under MacOS

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Digital audio cards of the DIGI96 series share the following features: 24 bit/96 kHz, Enhanced ZLM, SyncAlign, Enhanced Full Duplex, ASIO 2.0 (ADM), Track Marker Support (TMS), DIGICheck, AutoSync, Mixed Mode, Bitclock PLL. All cards can be used with the optional Word Clock Module and the Analog Expansion Boards.

   96 96/8 96/8 PRO 96/8 PST 96/8 PAD
SPDIF I/O Coaxial
SPDIF I/O Optical
AES/EBU compatible
AES/EBU on XLR Option
ADAT optical
Stereo output analog
Stereo input analog
MSRP in Euro $ --- 249,- --- --- 333,-

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