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Fireface UCX
  • 36-Channel, 24-Bit/192kHz high-end
  • USB & FireWire Audio Interface
Fireface UCX
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FireWire & USB

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mipa Award
Resolution Magazin 2012



Youtube Playlist UCX

Fireface UCX Overview (B&H)
Fireface UCX Overview (Sweetwater)
Fireface UCX tour and iPad demonstration
Fireface UCX demonstration on the NAMM show
Fireface UCX unboxing and overview

Differences Fireface UCX to Fireface UC/400

Fireface UCX Fireface UC/400
DSP hardware effects yes -
Support for RME Remotes yes -
AD/DA Conversion New 2011 design
Low latency AD/DA Conversion yes
AutoSet for overload protection yes
Bus-powered operation FirWire mode only Fireface 400: yes Fireface UC: no

Differences Fireface UCX to Fireface UFX

Fireface UCX Fireface UFX
Inputs 18 30
Outputs 18 30
Analog I/Os 8 12
Advanced Parallel Conversion - 4 x
AES/EBU I/O - 1 x
SPDIF I/O 1 coaxial + 1 optical
(opt. = ADAT I/O)
1 optical
(2nd ADAT I/O)
ADAT I/O 1 x 2 x
Mic Preamps (digitally controlled) 2 x 4 x
Word Clock I/O (BNC) yes yes
Phones Outputs (dedicated) 1 x 2 x
High Resolution Color Display - yes
MIDI I/O 2 x 2 x
Internal DSP hardware effects yes yes
AutoSet for Mic/Inst. Preamps 4 x 4 x
RME Remote Support yes yes
Direct USB Recording - yes
Size 1/2 19 inch 19 inch
All TotalMix FX features at up to 192 kHz yes yes
SMUX (up to 192 kHz) yes yes
Complete Stand Alone Operation with Setup Recall yes yes
USB & FireWire support (X-Core) yes yes