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Howard Heckers

Howard Heckers

Howard Heckers, FOH-Sound-engineer, Producer and Studio engineer about working with RME products:

Working for almost 10 years for Roger Hodgson co-founder of Supertramp, touring worldwide for audiences keen to hear his music.

In 2010 Roger Hodgson asked me to start recording all our shows for a Live album.

Working on a DiGiCo console I immediately thought of using the RME MADIFACE wish gave me the flexibility to have a straight clean recording.

Other benefits with the MADIFACE was to be able having a virtual sound-check playing the tracks I’ve recorded previous night and fine-tune on the fly.

I ended up with 86 shows multi-track recordings all over the world, this resulted in a new Live CD, Classic Hits Live.

In 2014 we are working on a Live DVD recorded on tour in 2013 with a MADIFACE for all the band inputs and we added the MICSTACY for all the ambient and surround audience recordings.

In my studio I am Mixing and producing the new around the world DVD on the FIREFACE UFX for 5.1 and stereo mix .

All RME products I’m using never let me down on the road, they are really well made and road proof.

Using the new FIREFACE UFX in my studio at 48Khz gives me a perfect clear, crisp, and naturally, clear sounding interface.

"I would never leave home without my MADIFACE recording unit RME are the best sounding tools available, on-tour and in the studio"

"Thank you RME"