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Case Studies


Yuval Ron

Guitarist, composer and music producer Yuval Ron performs original tunes that transcend the boundaries of any specific musical genre.

Inspired by a crossover of modern jazz-rock, progressive rock, cinematic and orchestral music genres, it is all well blended into an own fresh and distinct musical direction.

Using the Fireface UC both in studio and live, Yuval says:

“To me RME has always represented a top standard of audio quality.

In the last few years I've been using the compact yet powerful Fireface UC extensively in concerts, because of its versatility, robustness and high reliability.

It can carry with ease some demanding live sets with many virtual instruments and effects.

I also love its clarity and accuracy of sound, so much that I decided to use it in the studio as well and mixed my entire new album with it.

That thing is both flawless and gorgeous!”