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In addition to being one of Germany’s "most wanted" bands, Seeed are also successful all over Europe. With their distinctive and unique sound, the second album "Musik Monks" gave the band their break into the international market. While they have been working on new material for their "Next" albumin 2006 they sent us a statement about RME products. The album "Next" and the new Single "Ding" went straight into the Top Ten charts in different European Countries. A true highlight in 2006 was their appearance during the opening ceremony of the FIFA World Soccer Championship which has been watched by 1.5 Billion people. When an artist ever had the chance to play in front of such an audience? Please do not miss the chance to see on of their shows in 2007.

For their upcoming live concerts and studio projects they just backed up their equipment with appr. 10 units of FF 400 and FF 800.

We wish them all the best for 2007 – please do not miss the chance to see on of their incredible live shows!

Olsen Involtini (Producer) + Seeed:

"During the production of the last Seeed album, "Musik Monks" in 2002, we were recording in Tommy Newton’s studio (Area 51 Recording Studios). It was there that I first came across the RME interfaces. I was delighted. Tommy was crazy about the fact that he’d discovered one of the best and most reliable AD/DA converters on the market and I totally agree with this even today. The excellent sound quality, and the "almost zero" load on the computer from the Hammerfall DSP card combined with the RME converters still delights us."

Pierre aka Enough (Pierre Baigorry/Gesang):

„We all are using RME devices (Hammerfalls, ADI´s and Fireface units) during all stages of pre-production and mixdown processes and they convinced us with the excellent workmanship and sonic quality. Also the price point is absolutely ok.!"

Seeed is:

Percussion: Alfi Trowers

Drums: Based

Saxophon: Moritz Delgado

Vocals: Enuff aka Pete Fox aka Pierre Baigorry

Vocals: Ear aka Demba Nabé

Voacals: Eased aka Frank A. Dellé

Discjockey: DJ Luke

Trombone: Jerome "Tchamp" Bugnon

Keyboard: "Dubmaster" Reibold

Guitar: "Rudeboy" Rudy

Bass: Tobsen Cordes

Information and Tour updates: