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Orchestra di Piazza Vittorio

The Orchestra di Piazza Vittorio has already been welcomed enthusiastically by thousands of supporters and national and international media. University professors and researchers have also written about the orchestra, and have held conferences and meetings with students. The orchestra was conceived by Mario Tronco of the Italian group Piccola Orchestra Avion Travel, and produced by Apollo 11. The Orchestra represents a unique experience, perhaps the first of its kind and, for this reason, something of which Italy can be proud…

This is the first Orchestra founded on the support of people trying to provide/find meaningful employment and residency for 25 professional musicians. They come from all over the world and now live in Rome. These musicians are living proof of the different ways in which music, cultures and religions work together and their on-stage performance delivers the powerful message of brotherhood and peace in a way that no declaration, rally or television debate could.

But beyond its political and social value, this Orchestra has astounded many, if we can be so bold, for the musical and artistic levels it has reached.

Paolo Pecorelli (Orchestra Recording Engineer):

"We rackmount some RME Octamic-D and ADI-8 DS, wich fed an ADI-648 for MADI conversion. Once all our input channels were running into only one MADI cable we went into a DAW equipped with an RME HDSP MADI card. With our sound engineer, Bruce Morrison we found this RME setup the best solution for our needs. We have been so happy about the great sound and user friendly features that we decided to use it also in live tours!"

Mehr Informationen unter: www.orchestradipiazzavittorio.it

Orchestra di Piazza Vittorio