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Case Studies


Red Bull Music Academy

The fact that "Red Bull gives you wings" is surely only one aspect of these very special music events. While Red Bull´s Formula 1 teams like to rely on "horse-powered hardware" from other manufacturers, we love to be uplifted by the thought that the Red Bull promotion relies on RME hardware when it comes to their Red Bull Music Academy!

In recent years, these workshops and events have taken place all over the world once a year, in places like Rome, Capetown, Sao Paulo, London, New York, Seattle etc. This is where famous DJ´s, producers and artists meet for these high-class workshops to work with talented newcomers.

In 2006 the Red Bull music team went to Melbourne, Australia. In two major sessions (September, 24th to Oct, 6th and Oct. 15th to Oct. 27th) the motto was: staying up longer, producing, composing, teaching and drinking some cans of Red Bull.

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