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Case Studies




3 x Grammy 2010: Best Classical Album, Best Engineered Album, Best Choral Performance for GUSTAV MAHLER Symphony No. VIII. San Francisco Symphony with Michael Tilson Thomas and SFS Media (www.sfsymphony.org).

The performance was recorded with 54 channels AD on RME converters (ADI-8 QS and ADI-8). See the behind the scenes video.

The Tritonus Musikproduktion GmbH was founded in July, 1987. The idea behind it was to offer recordings of the highest quality possible in the field of classical music. The sole use of the most modern sound studio technology and its conscientious utilization for sound balance were the prerequisites for obtaining this goal. An intrinsic part of this system is the selection of appropriate recording locations with excellent acoustics. The versatile recording equipment can be easily transported and employed at all domestic and foreign locations. The success of excellent recordings is, however, not only due to these technical aspects.

The artist and the producer should have the feeling that they have been accompanied through every stage of the production by the sound engineer. This includes all musical, technical and aesthetic aspects of the sound. Mutual trust and an atmosphere which provides inspiration are the guarantee for success.

Famous artists and recording labels have been partners of Tritonus for many years. Numerous awards, among them many Grammies for the best classical album, are proof of the success of the Tritonus concept and the ability of the sound engineers Markus Heiland, Stephan Schellmann, Peter Laenger and Andreas Neubronner.

Andreas Neubronner explains: “At TRITONUS music productions we have been working for about one and a half years with RME Micstasy preamplifiers and for more than eight years with a number of other RME products (HSDP 9652, Digiface, MADIface, Multiface, ADI-648 etc.). In addition to the excellent sound qualities of all RME-products, their 100% availability and reliability have made an extremely positive impression on us. We have never lost one minute of valuable recording time due to defects in any RME equipment.

Furthermore the immense flexibility of the hardware as well as the software (driver Digicheck, etc.) are worthy of note.

More information: www.tritonus.de/en/index.php