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Case Studies



Clawfinger have been around since 1993 when they released ”Deaf Dumb Blind” which made quite a buzz around the world. After that they have made six more albums, sold around two million copies, and made close to one thousand live shows, including more than a hundred different festivals around the world.

When Clawfinger is in their studio, they use the very same Multiface II, but connected to a Dual Core Athlon that’s located in Studio 2 during the songwriting process. When everything is ready to be recorded for real, they take that computer to Studio A and plug it into a Digiface that’s connected to a Mackie D8B with 24 channels of Adat lightpipes. Complete compability from the demo, to the finished album, to the Live show.

Jocke Skog (Keyboards) says: "Through the years, my keyboard/loop combination, have gone through the evolution of sample playing technology. From an Akai s1000 with 8mb of RAM, to a Laptop with Gigabytes of RAM. To get reliability and soundquality, I need a soundcard I can trust, because unexpected things will, and are going to happen. After I got the RME Multiface I, it’s not the soundcard that is the problem. Now if only RME could make guitar strings with the same quality …"

Thank you, Jocke! We are thinking about it!

Fear And Loathing Studios, Spånga-Sweden has a Digiface, two Multifaces II and in another PC is an old Hammerfall DSP 9652 from early 2001. - "Still working like a champ!"

Their latest album "Life Will Kill You" is to be released on July 27, 2007 by Nuclear Blast. Clawfinger is currently out playing all over Europe.