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Case Studies


Rodney Orpheus

Rodney Orpheus is a truly remarkable artist and audio specialist who, for years, has successfully maintained a cross-over between the pro audio and music production industries. Up to now, his career has encompassed a variety of professional roles including bandleader, musician, singer, composer, copywriter, producer, internet pro, author, actor, tech-head, and specialist writer on MI products. In addition, he spent many years as Steinberg’s chief product demonstrator and evangelist, working out of London, Los Angeles and Hamburg.

Since 2003 Rodney has worked as Business Development Manager, Pro Audio Europe, for DTS in London. In this capacity he appears regularly as a guest at the world’s leading pro audio shows and conferences.

A user of RME products for many years, Rodney recently opted for a Fireface 800:

Rodney Orpheus:

"I've been using an RME HDSP system for many years and it's always been outstanding for its quality and reliability. Now with the Fireface 800 I get all of that performance with even more flexibility - it works great in the studio with my desktop system, and is easy to take on the road with a laptop too. Also the number of inputs and outputs is great - I can plug anything into this box and know that it will work flawlessly every time. Anything, anytime, anywhere!"



Rodney Orpheus