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Mr. Barrington

Mr. Barrington

With an inspired blend of soaring melodies and daring musicianship, Mister Barrington's music has been described as a lovechild combo of The Police, Stevie Wonder, and Squarepusher. Since forming just over two years ago, the group has been steadily winning acclaim for pushing the boundaries of electronic music through their albums, YouTube channel, and captivating live performances. 

Comprised of Zach Danziger (drums), Owen Biddle (bass) & Oli Rockberger (vox/keys) - and with several Grammy Awards between them - the band has a collective list of performing/recording credits which includes: The Roots, John Legend, Common, Mos Def, Chris Dave and The Drumheadz, Erykah Badu, Busta Rhymes, Al Green, Sting, Chaka Khan, and John Mayer.

Mister Barrington's two releases have garnered radio airplay worldwide - including an NPR Feature - on playlists alongside Robert Glasper, Flying Lotus, Louis & Genevieve and Herbie Hancock, while press highlights include "Timeout” (London & NYC), "The New Yorker" (Night Life Column), and the UK's premier Jazz magazine, "Jazzwise."

The group's innovative use of music technology has also been recognized through their recent feature in Electronic Musician Magazine (April '13), an invitation to present for TEDx at UMass Amherst entitled "Innovative Thinking", and through the support of music companies such as Ableton, iZotope, RME, and MONO case.

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