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IOSONO is a new audio technology that takes sound reproduction to the next level: beyond surround sound to true 3D audio. With IOSONO, sounds can be made to appear anywhere within or outside of the venue to create stunningly realistic, three-dimensional soundscapesm that put the audience at the heart of the action.

The company behind the technology is a spin-off of Germany’s renowned Fraunhofer Institute for Digital Media Technology IDMT
and holds the exclusive license for the worldwide distribution and marketing of IOSONO 3D audio products. IOSONO operates globally from its two locations in Los Angeles, California, and Erfurt, Germany. The german IOSONO GmbH was founded by Karlheinz Brandenburg, the leader of the research team that invented the MP3 audio format, in 2004. IOSONO Inc., founded in 2005, is its first, wholly owned subsidiary.

IOSONO is staffed by an international team of acknowledged audio and marketing specialists with extensive experience in the field. Supported by a network of local distributors and installers, the company provides complete system solutions from software to hardware as well as training.

Brian Slack from IOSONO:

"The Iosono sound system utilizes Wave Field Synthesis which means we require many audio channels. We use MADI as our primary protocol and RME offers the highest quality and widest range of products for our needs. "

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