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Case Studies


MADI Installations

Barry Manilow

Barrys recent Las Vegas Shows in the Hilton were recorded nightly on ADK Dual Opterons with a pair of RME Madi cards, Nuendo and a DigiCo Console. Each show in the Hilton´s 1.600 seat arena his "Music and Passion" show is recorded live on up to 112 tracks (44.1 kHz). The shows are still up also from January to December. Info and dates:


Beastie Boys

Beastie Boys' US Tour 2005 recorded nightly with ADK's Dual AMD Opterons, RME HDSP MADI, Nuendo, directly connected to a DiGiCo Console. 56 tracks at 44.1 kHz are recorded each show.


Grand Ole Opry

Every week, the legendary Grand Ole Opry in Nashville blends the excitement of live audiences, the heritage of the world’s longest-running live radio show, and an incredible mix of talent to create a uniquely American experience like no other.

The "Opry" is set up for 56 tracks of 96k or 112 of 48k, 2 AMD Dual Opterons powers their Nuendo rig, with a pair of RME MADI cards each connected to a Euphonix Console for the live-recordings. One of the first recording on this rig was of Wynona Judd's new DVD with 56 tracks 96k.

Check the legendary Country Concert House and date under: www.opry.com

Mark Knopfler

Dire Straits leading head Mark Knopfler´s European tour 2005 was powered by ADK, AMD and Steinberg. With (redundant) Dual Opterons, 2 RME MADI cards and Nuendo, Marks tour was recorded every night with 80-90 tracks @ 44.1 kHz. The multiple Grammy awarded Engineer Chuck Ainlay was found sitting behind the DAWs.

RME MADI Technology on U2 world tour

U2's Vertigo World Live Tour 2005/2006 is powered by ADK, Steinberg and AMD. When it comes to Live-Recording their World Tour the Band relies on RME´s MADI Premium Line products. Using 2 (redundant) Dual AMD Opteron computers from ADK, with 2 RME Madi cards each, connected to a DigiCo console, U2 is recording 80 live tracks 44.1 at every show in Steinberg´s Nuendo DAW software. When filming the show the track count exceeds 100 audio channels.


Barry Manilow

Barry Manilow in his show

Beastie Boys

The Beastie Boys

Grand Ole

Grand Ole Opry in Nashville

Mark Knopfler

Marc Knopfler

U2 Live

U2 live