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Charlie Steinberg

"Such a system can only work with reliable components
such as RME hardware.

Charlie Steinberg – the legendary founder of the well known software manufacturer from Germany, software developer, sound engineer, musician and RME-User

An interview.

Charlie Steinberg

Software developer Karl "Charlie" Steinberg didn’t just give the world renowned company from Hamburg, Germany his name but was also instrumental in the company’s software developments such as the DAW-Sequencers Cubase and Nuendo and developed technologies such as the VST standard for plug-ins and ASIO.

He has influenced the way music is being produced today like only few others have. Charlie Steinberg is also a dedicated musician and a long-time RME user. He has always relied on RME hardware both in his studio and for his software developments.

He is also one of the creative heads behind digitalmusician.net, a successful online community for musicians, which published the following interview:

Q. What is the concept behind digitalmusician.net?

A. The concept of online-collaboration is not a new one but is increasingly gaining importance. Everything happens online nowadays and the penny didn’t have to drop too far for us to realise that audio synchronisation in networks could be also used on the web. The DML plug-in allows sample synchronised recording with partners and easy communication with them using the video connection. As you don’t always want to work online we’ve extended the concept to offline projects and studio jobs.

Charlie Steinberg

Karl "Charlie" Steinberg in his studio.

Q. The current digitalmusician.net software has alongside the various plug-ins a standalone program called DM-Recorder. What’s the reasoning and philosophy behind the DM-Recorder?

A. The DMR (Digital Musician Recorder) is mainly for easily exchanging audio files between project members, where they can then use their preferred audio software (e.g. DAW, sequencer). You can transfer files using drag and drop or import and export them and then synchronize them with the server with one click so that all the participants are up-to-date. The DMR is a simple tool that can also play the current mix and record directly. It is also possible to connect to a partner with the DMR and record sample exact. On the whole a considerable simplification of the workflow.

Q. As an audio software developer you must be able to rely on your equipment, which audio hardware do you use?

A. Live I use an OpenLabs NeKo computer/keyboard. In the studio I have a TC/Dynaudio Air15 system which is controlled with an RME ADI 8 DD and stored by a Friendchip DMX-12 (ADAT-Matrix). On the input side the matrix is stored by an RME Octamic D and RME ADI-8, which is received by an analogue audio signal (HDMI-Matrix). The workstation is finally connected with an RME Fireface that is also the Wordclock master. The advantage of this setup is that all connections right up to the speakers stay digital (notable exception being HDMI signals that are the fault of annoying copy protection).

Charlie Steinberg

With the flexible routing I can freely connect Cinema and all DAW signals. Such a system can only work with reliable components such as RME hardware.

Q. With your heavy workload are you still able to make music yourself and if so, do you take advantage of what digitalmusician.net has to offer?

A. Yes and yes. I play keyboards with the "Kahle Moenche" (The Bald Monks) and we are currently working on our first CD. I occasionally link up with my singer Martin Stier using the DM-Recorder as he lives in Cologne and I’m in Hamburg. I can give him a good "coaching" by using the video connection. For our live gigs we use Nuendo to enhance choruses etc. For this I have used a DM-Recorder project to get some horns from DM musicians and it is incredible what a high standard is available from DM members!

Charlie Steinberg

I think it is really great that you can get well mixed "real" drums or high quality acoustic instruments on a playing as well as technical level. It’s a pleasure!

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