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The audio world has not been standing still since BIS made the decision to place its trust in RME-produced sound cards and audio devices and thereby to embrace what BIS believes are the superior post-production capabilities of a PCM-based environment. Fortunately the developments have not resulted in the extinction of the SACD. On the contrary: this is still the medium of choice for enthusiasts who want to express their love for classical music captured in superior audio quality by building their personal collection of discs. The heated argument about the legitimacy of releasing material recorded in PCM technology on a medium originally intended for authentic DSD recordings has meanwhile given way to a wide acceptance of the fact that the professional environment of producers and their preferred technical tools have, at least to some extent, to be considered separately from the media and players available to a larger audience.

Over recent years a number of audiophiles have been all but begging BIS to increase the sample rate at which it records. BIS' producers initially needed to defend their professional opinion that high-bit resolution makes a huge difference, whereas a higher sample rate is one of the least significant factors in the entire chain, perceivable only to a select few, who are also prepared to invest in the necessary equipment. However, thanks to the improved capacity of computers and editing software technical obstacles have been removed, and since 96kHz has become a common feature even in the field of consumer audio equipment, we are now delighted to announce that the vast majority of our new recordings will be made following the current 24/96 standard without loss of flexibility during the post-production process.


Needless to say that our RME equipment, be it MICSTASY, MADIFACE or DIGIFACE, fulfills whatever task it has been assigned to with superior results at any sample rate.


One recent development in the music business is that more and more customers are becoming interested in downloading music at Studio Master Quality, which means 24bit and the originally recorded sample rate (currently a maximum of 96kHz). MP3 is no longer a satisfying option when it comes to high quality listening. To cater for this need we have redeveloped the www.eClassical.com platform and made it available for our own 24bit Masters, while also inviting other labels to participate. On top of that a vast number of albums from more than 200 independent labels are already available there in 16bit FLAC (thus full CD Quality). Once again we feel lucky in our choice of direction, because when recording in PCM up to 96 kHz no conversion whatsoever is necessary. What is available now on eClassical is exactly what the producers and the artists themselves heard during the recording and mixing sessions. It also carries the signature of high-class RME equipment. The Fireface series with its connectivity and sonic purity, for example, is being used by our engineers for some of the necessary monitoring of high-resolution audio files. It can be warmly recommended not only to professionals but as the equipment of choice for anyone wishing to enjoy his or her music collection directly from a MAC or a PC.

Thank you, RME, for your consistently ingenious designs!

BIS and eClassical

More information: www.eClassical.com