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Case Studies


RME at the Champions League Athens Final 2007

The final of the Soccer Champions' League in May between Liverpool and Milan at the former Olympic stadium in Athens was broadcast to an estimated 1.2 billion viewers worldwide.

RME with a full duplex MADI configuration was chosen for the Champions League Final 2007 in the Olympic Stadium of Athens Greece, interconnecting four broadcast points within the stadium, covering a total distance of about 400 meters with optical MADI cables! The project was a collaboration of two well-known Greek companies, the music services company "Logothetis Music" (also RME’s exclusive dealer for Greece) and "Astarti TV Productions" on behalf of NOS (Netherlands Broadcasting Corporation).

The complexity of the task – having to interconnect three studios with the main OB Van- as well as the long distance between them, ruled out all analog multicore options and led the team to rely on RME’s MADI products in order to achieve maximum routing possibilities with minimum loss. The system was comprised of 6 Octamic-D units for up to 48 microphone channels, 3 ADI 8-DS and 2 ADI-648, giving a total of 48 inputs and 8 returns from and to the OB Van simultaneously.

The sound quality outcome was very pleasing for both the Greek and Dutch collaborators and the ease of setting up as well as the reliability of the system justified RME products and the Logothetis Music crew for their choice. Let’s note, though, that the company is already using a fully digitized MADI-DAW system for live and recording applications for nearly a year, with great success.

The in charge technical person of Dutch channel was Remko Van de Burg. The Greek sound technicians were Makis Drakopoulos & Kostas Kiriakidis.

CL Finale 2007