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Case Studies


North Japan Broadcast (KNB) Kita-Shinetsu Baseball League Live Broadcast

KNB North Japan Broadcast uses RME MADI devices for their live broadcast of the of the Kita Shinetsu BC Baseball league.

The pictures have been taken in the Alpen stadium in Toyoma, Japan. An ADI-648 and a Fireface 800 were installed in the mobile unit. The ADI-648 was connected to a YAMAHA digital mixer via ADAT and the signals were transferred via MADI from another ADI-648 with Micstasy in the broadcasting booth of the stadium.

RME MIDI Remote software was installed on the laptop PC in the mobile unit. The ADI-648 and all Micstasy settings and routings were remote controlled via MIDI over MADI.

Installed RME devices

2 x ADI-648

1 x Micstasy M

2 x OctaMic-D

1 x ADI-2

1 x Fireface 800

KNB Baseball