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Bela B.

Bingo! Berlin Spandau's greatest living rockstar ever and his first solo album.

Bela B., legendary drummer, singer and songwriter of „Die Ärzte", produced his first solo album with the help of two RME Fireface 800 ... Almost 25 years after the world's greates band was founded, Bela B. took a bold step and produced his own CD: "Bingo!"

He composed most of the songs and the lyrics on his own, and partly "almost on his own"... The music was first recorded on tape individually and with great care, then digitalized later. Drums first, then guitars, then, after a certain break, vocals, then more guitars, drums, and guitars again, violins, bass (played by Ex-Mad Sin-Stand-up-Psycho-Bass Holly H.), organs, more violins, and so on and so forth, until all was done. None other than Olsen Involtini co-produced the album, having contributed a very special sound for the two last Seeed recordings.

The studio atmosphere was one of great creative energy, which is the reason for some special characteristics of this CD. For instance, for the drum microphone setup, a specialist from the motherland of drum sound (Sweden) was consulted. He took great care to adequately mic the drum kettles, all of which originate from the beginning of the last century ... Of course, Bela, the artist himself, decided to play the drums himself, and also strummed the guitar strings for the most part. Olsen and Wayne also contributed, and the fabulous Gary Schmalzl played on two songs. Davide Rossi from Italy was asked for assistance with the brilliant strings arrangements.

Many guest artists like Lee Hazlewood and Charlotte Roche also contributed to this album.

A must-have ... Not only for fans of the "Ärzte".

The album's latest single, "1 ..2 .. 3 ..", was just relased. "Bingo" hits the stores in May 2006.

Bela B.