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Nicole Russo

Soul music is characterized by its insistence on the emotional energy and lyrical integrity that the artist invests. London-born singer-songwriter Nicole Russo's records are soul music. She has emerged as a priceless addition to the glut of great new UK soul artists.

Nicole's timeless melodies clash with the primal bass driven production of seventies soul music, on top of which her voluptuous, inimitable voice is unique, inspiring as the greatest soul divas.

From a young age, Nicole was introduced to a diverse range of music by her father, singer Jerry Stevens who was signed to EMI and CBS in the 60's. She remembers the stunning live performances of Lou Rawls and Quincy Jones and the irreversible effect they had on her desire to perform, as well as recalling a fascination with Nina Simone, Aretha Franklin and Marvin Gaye. As she grew, she voraciously improved her own musical palette by learning to play the drums and saxophone, adding to the piano skills she had acquired from the age of four.

Nicole's hard work and musical precocity was awarded in 2001 when she signed to Telstar records. This gave her the opportunity to travel to the world capital of music, New York, where she worked with such renowned producers as Tramp, Dave Anthony, Commissioner Gordon and James Poisner.

Nicole's creative control and artistic ability dictate the vigour, style and sure-footedness of the record. Although an admirer of the dynamic UK soul scene, Nicole's music surpasses definition, drawing on the introspective, organic approach of Rufus, Parliament and the anthemic funk driven groove of Chaka Kahn. Songs such as 'Stride On' even recall the laid-back, mid-tempo anthems of classic Stevie Wonder songs.

Soul music brings us together by focusing universal emotion into a three-minute song that invites us to dance. Nicole Russo sings great soul music!

Nicole is currently working with 2 Fireface 400 on her next album. RME is wishes a big success!

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Nicole Russo: "Having worked in a friends studio recently in Camden, I was really impressed with the Fireface 400 he had there. Although I was using the same AKG C12 microphone that I always use, it sounded even better.. so I took the Fireface 400 home with me that evening to play with. The converters are really great and my vocals sounded superb! If you're looking for an audio interface, it's definitely a sexy piece of kit to have..."

Nicole Russo