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Nadav Katz

Nadav Katz

Nadav started his musical journey as an independent artist (AKA: Cuts), producing his own tracks. Gradually he started getting calls from other artists asking him to produce songs for them, and found himself being fascinated with the mixing and mastering stages of the music making process.

In 1999 Nadav started mixing professionally, and in 2005 started mastering professionally. During his career he had the privilege to participate in many exciting musical projects. From major labels, to indie labels , to independent artists.

Nadav owns a private mixing/mastering room, designed to have the perfect acoustics for mixing and mastering, and it is equipped with the highest quality gear.

Nadav has been working with RME for over a decade. During his producing and recording years, he was among the first who purchased the Fireface 800, and upgraded to the 802 a few years ago.

"I really love the sound of the RME converters and the very steady drivers. It is very important to have a smooth, precise and flawless workflow, especially due to the fast pace the process goes through compared to the past. The Total Mix is also great to work with. It lets me work with my analog mastering chain in a very convenient, efficient and diverse way, when a want to make changers in the order of my different devices. Throughout the years I've been checking out different audio/conversion interfaces and the cost effectiveness of the RME was always the best".

Webseite: www.nadavkatz.com