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Case Studies


SW MaLomi

Music Productions & arrangement, Composing, Songwriting, Recording Engineer, Pro Session Players, Mix & Mastering.

SW MaLomi

I am using the RME Fireface UFX for over 5 years it is the heart of my recording studio. I'm running pro tools and studio one.

UFX provide superior recording quality, stability, ultra-low latency operation even with multiple channels and outstanding low noise and distortion values. Love that the software can always be updated, regardless of which computer or operating system you're working on. I can work for hours in my studio and the driver is very solid, never fails.

The software total mix is amazing you can route everything to everything in an easy and simple way. The converters A/D - D/A are very clean. The preamps are very clean and clear the outcome reflects the truth of any source you run through it. UFX integrate with any real hardware \ synth \ effect unit or mic, without changing or coloring the sound.

One of the more astounding features is its ability to act as a standalone recorder via the USB port on the front panel.

Simply hook up HD/USB drive, record-arm your tracks and go - no computer necessary.

RME Fireface UFX has everything you need when you are trying to catch music and turn it into magic.