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Richard Devine

Richard Devine

Richard Devine

During the past three years, Richard Devine has remixed top Warp artists like Aphex Twin and Mike Patton (Faith No More). He has released 4 full-length albums on Schematic, Warp, Asphodel, and Sublight records and has performed his own ear-tearing music mayhem worldwide. Based from Atlanta, Georgia he has done film score work for Touchstone Pictures (with John Hues & Kyle Cooper). He has also collaborated with BT (Brian Transeau on movie "Surveillance" Directed by Adam Rifkin, Wieden & Kennedy, AKQA Inc., and have done sound mangling/programming for Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails, composed and designed commercials for the Nike Shoe Company and worked with various companies doing sound design for Audi, BMW, Ford, Lincoln, Mercury, Scion, Coke, LandRover, Lexus, Peugeot, Dodge, HBO, Nestle, Nike Japan, McDonald's, Sprite, Sony, Spike Television network.

In conjunction with TV and film work Richard also has done programming and sound design work with major audio companies. His work has been featured on new software and hardware titles from many innovative companies such as Native Instruments, Izotope software, WayOutware Softare,Eventide Effects Company, GRM tools, Korg, Clavia Nord, Alesis, Akai, Ableton Live, Apple Computers, Access Virus, DigiDesign, Openlabs, Universal Audio, Hartmann Neuron synthesizers, Stanton Magnetics DJ Company, Roland, Propellerheads, Yamaha and M-Audio Division.

More information:

www.richard-devine.com - Artist Site

I have been an RME user for the past 6 years. I have not seen or heard another audio interface that even comes close. My main two interfaces for my every day work are the Fireface 800 and Fireface 400. They have proven to me time and time again that they are reliable, easy to use, and sound amazing. I have the Fireface 800 as my main studio recording editing card for my studio that is hooked up with a Rosetta 200. This is running on my Apple G5 workstation running Logic Studio. When I am out on the road, I always use the Fireface 400 interfaces. Great mic pre's and rock solid drivers make it essential for me when I am our doing field recording for projects. Its lightweight, Firewire bus powered, and has TotalMix Software. Everything I need for live shows, in Surround or stereo DJ performances.

I recently used the Fireface 400 and 800 for our latest sound effects libraries for Sony Media. "The Electronic Music Manuscript: A Richard Devine Collection" was the first library we created. I started out by recording lots of odd acoustic sounds. I had my good friend Josh Kay help me with the recording and editing. We recorded everything from hand made water phones, Tibetan singing bowls, Space phones, to a completely destroyed 1920 Kurtz man grand Piano. All the acoustic sounds were recorded and mixed with the Fireface audio interfaces. Here is a link to preview some of the loops and sounds we did for Sony.


The second library we created was called simply "Pulse". This was sample collection of analogue modular systems old and new. The Fireface 400 and 800 became the main workhorses for this project. Everything was mixed down and mastered with Nuendo 4 and Logic 8. Below are links to the new library from Sony Media. They are hosting a remix contest this month in conjunction with Native Instruments. Check the details and listen to the sounds, and track we created using the samples from the library.

www.sonycreativesoftware.com/pulse - Pulse Library Sony

www.acidplanet.com/devinepulse - Remix Contest

Sound Design Site – New Company, free samples, and lots of other goodies