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Solar Fields

Solar Fields

Swedish electronic music composer Magnus Birgersson aka Solar Fields built a unique sonic universe with a constant shifting from high tech ambient flow into broken beats, powerful sequences and fragmented loops.

The productive discography of Magnus Birgersson should be considered like a following of drifting masterpieces: 6 solo albums the latest one Solar Fields Movements. Often classified as ambient or electronica, Solar Fields music in fact goes further than these boundaries propelled by his talent for sculpting hypnotic harmonics and layering sounds.

Solar Fields is also the man behind the in game score for Electronic Arts (EA) video game Mirror’s Edge.

"Before I used a huge mixer, it took up a lot of space so I needed to change. I got the Fireface 800 and now I can do exactly the same with the TotalMix. An amazing solution for routing and flexibility and it works flawless without any problems. This is the heart in the studio and all gears is hooked up in to it. Since im a hardware freak I need a reliable solution with a lot of inputs and outputs and with excellent sound quality and this is what RME brings to me."




Studio setup:

RME Fireface 800
Symbolic Sound KYMA
Alesis Andromeda A6
Yamaha CS-15
Syntecno TeeBee MK II
Korg MS-20
Elektron SIDstation
Korg Polysix
Roland V-Synth XT
Hartmann Neuron
Clavia Nord Modular Exp
Clavia Nord Modular G2 engine
Korg Triton
Oberheim Matrix 1000
Yamaha EX5
Roland JD-990 (vintage exp)
Access Virus C
Yamaha PSS 780
Casio VL-Tone 1
Yamaha VL70-M
Roland Octapad II
CMLabs Motormix
T.C Electronic Fireworx
T.C Electronic M-one
Alesis Air-FX
Pioneer efx-500
Alaric GE-106
Sherman Filterbank MK I
Gate 201 by RA
Midisport 4*4 *2
Akai Me30P
Evolution mk-425c
Evolution UC-33
Dynaudio BM15A
Sennheiser HD 650
Beyerdynamic DT770
Alesis AI3 * 2
Universal Audio UAD-1
Line 6 Variax 600
Saraswati Veena

Solar Fields

Live in Moscow

Solar Fields

Live in Greece